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Official Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Mega Event Geocoins:

Sorry, the geocoin order cutoff date has passed! You can still reserve dorm accommodation, and meals until their respective cutoff dates.

Both versions of the event geocoin are available here for pre-ordering, however, the pre-registration coin will not be available for purchase at the event.  There will be a small quantity of the regular version of the coin at the event, but to guarantee yourself one, order now. Read additional information about these coins is on a news blog post we published on Feb 15, 2014.

GeocoinLiving Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Event Geocoin
Pre-registration version – $12 each

GeocoinLiving Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Event Geocoin
Regular version – $12 each

Satellite Event Geocoins:

WestCan 1 and WestCan 2 both had geocoin satellite events that featured geocoins shaped like the event’s province.  With the permission and help of Tethys C and C-side girl, we will be reminting a matching Saskatchewan coin.  Pre-ordering is currently the only way to guarantee one of these coins for pickup at the event.

GeocoinLiving Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Geocoin Event – $12 each

Prior WestCan Event Geocoins:

For those wishing to complete their geocoin collections, Living Skies 2014 has received permission to re-mint the prior Geocoin Satellite Event coins from WestCan1 and WestCan 2. Only enough geocoins to satisfy those ordered during this pre-registration process will be minted.

GeocoinReminted Island Spirit 2012 (WestCan2) Geocoin Event – $15 each
(View Picture)

GeocoinReminted Best of the Bad (WestCan1) Geocoin Event – $13 each
(View Picture)

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