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We have secured the use of the Rosthern Junior College facilities. For those interested, we will be managing the booking of their facilities. Please note there are other accommodation options in the area. Please visit our accommodation page for more recommendations in the area.

Please note that if you are staying in the dorm you will need to bring your own linens.

There are 60 dorm rooms available, 5 of which have two twin beds instead of two bunk beds.¬† If you require twin beds due to physical limitations, please make note of that in your checkout comments. Unfortunately, our registration system does not allow us to prevent overselling, so we will do our best to prevent this, but options will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis and there is a small chance we will have to refund you if we don’t close sold-out options in time.

Last availability update: [April 20, 2014]
RJC Dormitory rooms: 30 booked of 60 and 5/5 rooms with no bunks SOLD OUT
RJC Camper Parking (Electrical and non-electrical) Electrical sold out, Non-Electrical field parking still available!

Those camping on the grounds will be granted access to either the dormitory washrooms or gym washrooms.

BedRosthern Junior College Dormitory Bed – $20/night/bed
(+$20 deposit, refunded upon key return)
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BedRosthern Junior College Dormitory Room (Single or Double Occupancy) – $40/night/room
(+$20 deposit per key, refunded upon key return)
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TentRosthern Junior College Field Camping (Tents only) – $15/night/tent
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TrailerRosthern Junior College Camper/Trailer Parking (non electrical) – $15/night/spot
[add_to_cart item=”13″ showprice=”no” quantity=”user:1″ ajax=”yes”]

RV/CamperRosthern Junior College Camper Parking w/110v Electrical – $20/night/spot
Sold out! We recommend reviewing alternate locations nearby such as Seager Wheeler Farm or Wakaw Regional Park. Details on our Accommodation page.

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