Seminar Videos Now Online

Ryan presenting to new geocachers. Photo Credit: KenJamin

Ryan presenting to new geocachers.
Photo Credit: KenJamin

If you attended the Living Skies MEGA, and did not have a chance to attend some or all of the seminars, we captured them on video so you can see what you missed, and they are now available to watch online. We were honoured to have notable speakers on a variety of geocaching topics.

On behalf of Living Skies 2014 and the geocaching community at large, we thank these speakers for their contribution to making the event a success! Also a thanks to KenJamin for the use of his GoPro camera for the recordings, although we apologize for the composition of video’s 2-4 as they could have been panned a little more the the right…

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The Official Souvenir is Live

Living Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir LogoLiving Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir IconIn a prior announcement, we noted that the online souvenir people were receiving on their profile pages was not what we had expected. We are happy to let you know we have received word back from Geocaching HQ that the images have been corrected!

One thing to note is that it appears you have to make sure your ‘Attended’ log for the main MEGA event is dated for July 19th, otherwise the souvenir will not show up on your profile!  There are a number of people who have posted attended logs dated on days following the mega, so be sure to edit your log to reflect July 19, 2014 to ensure you receive the souvenir. We’ve reviewed profiles of those who have ‘attended’ on other dates, and it is not present.

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The Geocoins of Living Skies 2014

Regular Edition FrontNow that the event has passed, everyone has seen most of the coins up close. We finally had a moment to take some closeup pictures of the coins for all to see. This will also assist those who may be wondering which coin is which.

Due to the unexpected high demand for the geocoins, we are happy to let you know that Landsharkz will be reminting additional Regular Edition and “Big Bert” Geocoin Event coins. They will be available for purchase directly via their website in a few weeks. Watch the Landsharkz website for availability, or contact them directly to indicate your interest.

The only way to acquire a Living Skies 2014 “Special Edition” Geocoin now, is to find at least 45 caches of the Prairie Storms Adventure Trail across southern Saskatchewan.

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Where Did Everyone Come From?

Official Attendance by Home Location

Official Attendance by Home Location

One of the questions asked was where did everyone come from? Well, this little bar chart should make it clear! The farthest travelled to attend goes to norfolkbirder from the United Kingdom, followed by 3 from Arizona, 5 from Nova Scotia, and 4 from Quebec. As for closest, we counted at least 6 (including muggles) from Rosthern itself that signed the official log book.

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Living Skies 2014 MEGA – Official Attendance: 633 people!

Living Skies 2014 MEGA Group Photo

Living Skies 2014 MEGA Group Photo

Initially counted as 633 people on event day, we are happy to announce that according to the official log books, 627 people attended the Living Skies 2014 Mega Event on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. This well exceeded the minimum 500 required for MEGA status, and it is totally amazing that so many geocachers were able to come together from all over Canada to make this all possible. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback, we really appreciate it.

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Welcome to Living Skies 2014!

EPOC SigningThe crowds were building outside this morning as the Event Planning & Organizing Committee was busily running around getting all the last minute items setup and ready for the opening at 10:00am, we took a minute for a group photo before we signed the log, and opened the doors! (Big thanks to Geoclansman of Regina for creating and donating the beautiful log board!!)

A monumental photo since most of the planning and meetings were actually done via electronic means, and given the geographic spread of the organizers in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Regina, and Calgary meetings in person with everyone in the same room were difficult to achieve!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit today, and check out the awesome retailers, exhibitors and displays!

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Batoche Caches Published

View of batoche grounds on geocaching map

View of caches on the Batoche grounds (click to view map on

As planned, the caches were published in conjunction with the Parks Canada Batoche Satellite Event!

A special puzzle will be available to piece together only for the date of the Satellite event, but the caches will remain after then. Watch for and collect all the puzzle pieces in each cache. Assemble the puzzle and enter to win a prize to be drawn at the main event Saturday evening. This cache will not be available before opening of the site Friday morning.

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Featured Geocache – Rosthern Library

branches_rosthern[1]Back in March, members of the organizing Committee visited Rosthern for the Winter Festival with a table to talk about the upcoming MEGA event. The Rosthern Library held a small ‘Intro to Geocaching’ talk, and while there we talked with the staff about the potential of hiding a geocache at the library, and this piqued their interest.

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Human Powered Watercraft Event Info & Bookmark List

Printable map & directions to event @ Shannon Lake

Printable map & directions to event @ Shannon Lake

Pilot172, the host of the Human Powered Watercraft Satellite Event has created a bookmark list for the caches for their event, and also announced some pertinent event information.

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Nisbet Forest Hiking Event Caches Published

The so-called "Saskatchewan 'E.T.' trail"

The so-called “Saskatchewan ‘E.T.’ Trail”
Click to view map on

The caches hidden in conjunction with the Hiking Satellite event have been published, and Hurleyanne has created a bookmark list for your pocket query convenience. We have also added this to the bookmark lists menu of the website.

An announcement on the event page reads “I’m looking forward to meeting you all in a few days! And I’m still recommending long sleeves, long pants, and as much cover as you can tolerate because of the mosquitoes! When we were hiding caches we encountered a few ticks around E.T.-0007 as well, but tick season is gradually dying down so I’m crossing my fingers that there will be even fewer when we’re out there.”

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