WestCan 5: Country Legends Manitoba MEGA 2015

Country Legends 2015Happy New Year 2015! With most of the remaining t0-do items closed off and 2014 now behind us, we now look forward to the next event in the WestCan series which is taking place near Dauphin, Manitoba on July 18, 2015. Registration is live, and we hope to see you there!

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Living Skies 2014 Geocache Adoption

Living Skies 2014 project-gc.com statbar as of December 21, 2014

Living Skies 2014 project-gc.com statbar as of December 21, 2014

Interested in contributing to the effort to keep the legacy of Living Skies 2014 alive? Need a last minute Christmas gift? With the monumental geocache hiding efforts leading up to the MEGA event, maintenance of these caches continues to be an ongoing effort for the organizing committee.  In this light, we invite interested geocachers in the area to take over the responsibility of maintaining these caches by adopting either one or a number of these caches to ensure a positive experience for future finders.

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Giving Back: Saskatchewan Trails Association

Cheque Presentation to Sask Trails Association

Pat Rediger (left) accepts cheque for Saskatchewan Trails Association from Living Skies 2014, represented by Ryan Goolevitch (centre) and Linda Mushanski (right)

In the last instalment of our series of donations to give back to the community, representatives from the Living Skies 2014 event planning and organizing committee met with Pat Rediger, Administrator of the Saskatchewan Trails Association to present a $1,000 donation to assist with the Saskatchewan Trails Fund, which provides grants to member organizations to build and maintain trails in Saskatchewan.

“We’re very grateful for this donation,” said STA President Jo-Ann Carignan-Vallee. “These funds will go back to our community to enhance the experience of trail users. We encourage everyone to try geocaching as a new way to discover our province.”

The event organizers hope this donation will increase awareness about geocaching with trails users and maintainers in Saskatchewan as an additional incentive for all users to visit more trails, and maintainers to promote this additional use. Continue reading

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Giving Back: Saskatchewan Geocaching Groups

Linda Mushanski (navyguider) Presents $500 cheque to Steve Krieger on behalf of the S.A.G.A.

Linda Mushanski (navyguider) presents a $500 cheque to Steve Krieger, president of S.A.G.A.

December is a very appropriate time of year to think about giving, and continuing in our series of posts about “Giving Back” from the legacy funds of Living Skies 2014, $1,000 allocated to local geocaching groups in our province.

At the 2014 Geocaching Christmas party events in Regina and Saskatoon, these donations were awarded in person. $500 to the Saskatoon Area Geocaching Association, and $500 to Regina Geocachers.

We hope that the “Legacy of Living Skies” lives on by helping these organizations to improve and expand their efforts to promote and be great stewards of geocaching in Saskatchewan.

  • Regina 6th Annual Geocaching Christmas Party 2014 (GC5EDKW)
  • Saskatoon 8th Annual Christmas Potluck Party plus SAGA AGM (GC5ETA8)
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Giving Back: Town of Rosthern

Linda Presenting Cheque to Rosthern Council

Linda Presenting Cheque to Mayor Dennis at Town of Rosthern Council

It is just as important to give in geocaching as it is to receive. We worked hard and had the support of many to ensure that Living Skies 2014/WestCan4 was a success. And what a success it was! So after all the thank you’s and a legacy fund put in place for a future WestCan series MEGA to be held in Saskatchewan, the Event Planning and Operating Committee decided we had the opportunity to create a legacy in our host town.

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Kind Words Of Thanks

We received these kind words back in August from Rosthern & onecrazycanadian after the event concluded. Better late than never, but nice to read no matter how late!

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Prairie Storms Reward Geocoins Dec 2014 Update

Special Edition GeocoinIf you have not yet set out on the Prairie Storms Adventure Trail, you can still look forward to a nice reward if you plan to head out on this trail in the future and find the minimum 45 caches out of the 68, as there are still 18 “Special Edition” Living Skies 2014 geocoins remaining!

If you wish to join the ranks of the geocachers who have enjoyed this trail, or volunteered at the Living Skies 2014 MEGA. this is the only way you can now acquire one of these geocoins.

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Star Trail Cache Maintenance

The logs from 70 Star Trail Caches

The logs from 70 Star Trail Caches: Can you find your name?

After 200+ found logs on every cache the “Star Trail” power trail of Living Skies 2014 geocaches south of Rosthern was starting to show its love, use, and abuse. A week ago, we replaced over full 70 logs in these caches, refreshing them for another run of new cache finds for all to enjoy.

In this maintenance visit, we also found that at least 3 of the ammo cans placed on the “Legacy of Living Skies” trails were mangled or buried by maintenance equipment and farmers in the area. These caches were able to be replaced nearby with new ammo cans from the small remainder left over.

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Seminar Videos Now Online

Ryan presenting to new geocachers. Photo Credit: KenJamin

Ryan presenting to new geocachers.
Photo Credit: KenJamin

If you attended the Living Skies MEGA, and did not have a chance to attend some or all of the seminars, we captured them on video so you can see what you missed, and they are now available to watch online. We were honoured to have notable speakers on a variety of geocaching topics.

On behalf of Living Skies 2014 and the geocaching community at large, we thank these speakers for their contribution to making the event a success! Also a thanks to KenJamin for the use of his GoPro camera for the recordings, although we apologize for the composition of video’s 2-4 as they could have been panned a little more the the right…

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The Official Souvenir is Live

Living Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir LogoLiving Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir IconIn a prior announcement, we noted that the online souvenir people were receiving on their profile pages was not what we had expected. We are happy to let you know we have received word back from Geocaching HQ that the images have been corrected!

One thing to note is that it appears you have to make sure your ‘Attended’ log for the main MEGA event is dated for July 19th, otherwise the souvenir will not show up on your profile!  There are a number of people who have posted attended logs dated on days following the mega, so be sure to edit your log to reflect July 19, 2014 to ensure you receive the souvenir. We’ve reviewed profiles of those who have ‘attended’ on other dates, and it is not present.

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