Star Trail Cache Maintenance

The logs from 70 Star Trail Caches

The logs from 70 Star Trail Caches: Can you find your name?

After 200+ found logs on every cache the “Star Trail” power trail of Living Skies 2014 geocaches south of Rosthern was starting to show its love, use, and abuse. A week ago, we replaced over full 70 logs in these caches, refreshing them for another run of new cache finds for all to enjoy.

In this maintenance visit, we also found that at least 3 of the ammo cans placed on the “Legacy of Living Skies” trails were mangled or buried by maintenance equipment and farmers in the area. These caches were able to be replaced nearby with new ammo cans from the small remainder left over.

Very soon we will be announcing an adoption plan, but this will give these caches a good new breath of life before then!

Amongst the notable replaced caches were:

  • Thank You EPOC – Legacy of Living Skies (GC58JAD) – Container was bulldozed into a big pile! But we replaced it at a nearby location.
  • abacadie – Legacy of Living Skies (GC58PV1) – Container was driven over by something, some handiwork has hopefully restored the integrity of the ammo box.
  • Mrs Zee – Legacy of Living Skies (GC58J6J) – Container was completely missing: replaced
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