TB Race

An epic travel bug race that started in June 2013 from WestCan3 (Gold Country Poker Run 2013) to Westcan4 (Living Skies 2014) ! All travel bugs were spawned at respective events in Saskatoon and Regina entitled “Meet and Greet 2013 – “Start Your Engines 2013”

Saskatoon Race Status as of Feb 12, 2014: Greetings Racers…

I have recently updated the stats from our big race.  It’s been a few months since the last update so thank you so much for your patience. Some of the racers are putting on a lot of miles, many have stalled completely and unfortunately there are a few that have gone MIA.  Similar to the Regina racers; many seem to be putting on good miles but not collecting points as they are just visiting caches, not being placed and retrieved.

Check out the scores: So far Geobugs5’s  Motorcycle Princess has travelled the farthest with 20267 km but bertnabear’s Jayme’s dream car leads the scoring with 710 points.  Jayme’s dream car  is presently visiting Portugal where the weather is slightly warmer than here.  Motorcycle Princess has already been to Europe and back again and is currently in the State of Washington.

Follow this link for the detailed update on all the TB’s in Saskatoon’s Race

We will be updating again soon….Good Luck & Stay Tuned! – Dragonfly E&N

TB Name Owner Distance Total
Jayme’s dream car bert&abear 18535 km 710
H’s Seattle Totem TB FourTheFun 16731 km 495
Living Skies 2014 Elevator Racer alex063 11765
Motorcycle Princess Geobugs5 20267
El Fudgeeo’s Canada’s Great White North Tag el_fudgeeo 7757.2
Yellow Jeep Rennegade Rennegades 10364
Saskatchewan: Home of the RCMP koopatroopa98 10117
Lackey Crossing Tag deadman’sangel 2393
1971 El Camino Dragonfly E&N 3471
Kai’s grasshopper TheJonesExperiment 8474

Regina Race Status as of Feb 5, 2014: Good day fellow racers

Have just done an update on the race.  Some racers are going at a good pace, others have stalled while 4 unfortunately have gone missing.  Many are putting on good miles but not collecting points as they are just visiting caches, not being placed and retrieved.  Oh well, that is how the game goes.  We have a couple of TB’s overseas, they are really touring around.

Check out the scores.  So far Trillium03’s  “Dino One of the Best of the Bad” has travelled the farthest and also has high score.  He is presently visiting in Germany – lucky guy.

Watch for further developments! – Navyguider

Here are the top 10 TB’s from Regina’s Race:

TB Name Owner Distance
Dino One of the
Best of the Bad
Trillium03 22333.8 485
The Best of Friends northduck’s_daughter 5288.5 420
Go Riders Go oreo101  8301.1 375
Ausie Tornado
Discover Me Tag
wixter 7642.6 375
Connie the Crab Fizzard 8839.8 310
Slowpoke Trillium03 12710.3 290
Waiting for Spring Roads Scholar 11200.2 285
KA-Boom Shobogan 6148.5 285
Ella CanAfrica 6418.9 270

54 Trackables From Regina, Saskatchewan:

51 Trackables From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: