Cache Publication Schedule

Here we go again!

Here we go again!
The Legacy of Living Skies Geotrail is about to be born.

Some people have noticed, posted, and inquired about the number of caches we have published so far, and when caches will be published leading up to the MEGA day.

There will also be satellite events where hosts will be releasing caches in conjunction with their own events. Watch for announcements on those cache pages for more information about those. We will update this page if we receive advance word from those hosts.

As of July 10, there are 273 total non-event caches published, 67 of which are Prairie Storms. Expect at least a few hundred more to come! Here is the tentative schedule and approximate numbers as per the cache hiding team:

  • Friday July 11th – 6 caches for Human Powered Watercraft Event
  • Sat July 12th10 Lab Caches (Geocaching Adventure)
  • Up to July 15th – Caches will be released slowly (Approximately 20)
  • Tue July 15th – 24 published , 10 caches by girlsndad for Human Powered Watercraft Event.
  • Wed July 16th – 37 published
  • Thu July 17th – 50, 6 for Human Powered Watercraft Event, Caches for Batoche NHS Event (physically placed Friday morning).
  • Fri July 18th – 100 (this includes Legacy Caches),
  • Sat July 19th – 40 (@ 6:00 a.m.)
  • Sun July 20th – Whatever is remaining (20 max)

We will do our best to keep the Official Living Skies 2014 bookmark list up-to-date for your convenience as well. This may not include caches placed by satellite event hosts, so be sure to perform other pocket queries on the area to have pre-exisitng caches too!

So keep those pocket queries locked and loaded! And remember, there will be free Wi-Fi available at the Rosthern Arena, and the Rosthern Junior College Dorms from July 16 to July 20!

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