Giving Back: Town of Rosthern

Linda Presenting Cheque to Rosthern Council

Linda Presenting Cheque to Mayor Dennis at Town of Rosthern Council

It is just as important to give in geocaching as it is to receive. We worked hard and had the support of many to ensure that Living Skies 2014/WestCan4 was a success. And what a success it was! So after all the thank you’s and a legacy fund put in place for a future WestCan series MEGA to be held in Saskatchewan, the Event Planning and Operating Committee decided we had the opportunity to create a legacy in our host town.

So on Monday, November 17th–almost exactly two years from when we first proposed the idea of Living Skies 2014 to the mayor and town council, we again asked to be added to their agenda.

On behalf of the committee, she presented Mayor Dennis with a $1,000 donation to be used to enhance their walking trail in the town.  The council was extremely surprised, grateful and invited us all back again.

To: Linda and the entire Living Skies Committee

On behalf of the Town of Rosthern and Council, I would like to once again thank your group for choosing our little community to play host to your great event. We are extremely happy with how the entire thing unfolded, and are grateful for the legacies that you have left behind. The number of cache’s in our area will continue to draw in visitors to stop in at our local shops, and restaurants, and put our town on display.

The Town of Rosthern is extremely grateful for the donation that the Living Skies group left behind, and we were not expecting it, as your group has already done so much for the community. The Town of Rosthern is currently in the process of completing a beautiful walking trail, and it has been unofficially decided to use this money to purchase, and place a bench along a natural pathway looking down over our water reservoir where there have been known to be nearly 100 species of birds and other wildlife living at any given time throughout the summer.

Once again, we would like to thank your committee for the great job that you did with organizing, and implementing your event, we are extremely grateful for all you have left behind, and our community will benefit in several ways because of your visit.
We hope to see you all back again!

Andrew Crowe
Recreation and Community Development Manager
Town of Rosthern

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