Official Event Geocoins

We have a lot of plans in the works for Geocoin fans! Here’s some information on the various geocoins to commemorate the events, that are available via our online pre-registration.

Official Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Geocoins:

GeocoinTwo official geocoins will be minted to commemorate the Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Mega Event.  The two coins will be of the same design, but in different colourways.  One will be available to attendees through pre-registration only, and the other regular version is also available via pre-registration, but will also be available at the event in limited quantities.

Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Geocoin Event Geocoin:

Geocoin Event GeocoinLiving Skies 2014 is proud to continue the tradition of the geocoin event held at WestCan 1 & 2, and we are creating a new coin in the series in the shape of Saskatchewan that will match and interlock with the previous two geocoins.

At WestCan 1 and 2, Tethys C and C-side Girl had coins minted in the shapes of the host provinces, featuring fossils.  These coins were available at each geocoin event that they hosted.  These coins are awesome and actually interlock together.

Stay tuned for news from the geocoin event volunteers that are working on the design of this coin! The new geocoin event coin can be pre-ordered via the Living Skies registration process.

We are reminting the previous WestCan Geocoin Event Geocoins!

Island Spirit (WestCan2) Geocoin Event CoinBest of the Bad Geocoin Event Coin

For new collectors or those who were unable to obtain the coins at the previous events, we have obtained permission to re-mint the WestCan 1 and WestCan 2 Geocoin Event coins. This is a fantastic opportunity to complete the set.  These B.C and Alberta coins are also available through Living Skies 2014 online pre-registration only. We will only re-mint enough to cover the orders we receive via pre-registration for pickup in-person at the event.

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