The Official Souvenir is Live

Living Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir LogoLiving Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir IconIn a prior announcement, we noted that the online souvenir people were receiving on their profile pages was not what we had expected. We are happy to let you know we have received word back from Geocaching HQ that the images have been corrected!

One thing to note is that it appears you have to make sure your ‘Attended’ log for the main MEGA event is dated for July 19th, otherwise the souvenir will not show up on your profile!  There are a number of people who have posted attended logs dated on days following the mega, so be sure to edit your log to reflect July 19, 2014 to ensure you receive the souvenir. We’ve reviewed profiles of those who have ‘attended’ on other dates, and it is not present.

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11 Responses to The Official Souvenir is Live

  1. Brenda Debock says:

    I appear to still have the souvenir that foes not have a grain elevator on it. I checked my log date and it is the 19 th.

    • admin says:

      What’s your geocaching handle? I can take a look to see if it looks right on my browser. It may also be in your browser cache. Try using refresh (Usually F5), or force refresh (Ctrl-F5) when looking at the souvenir tab of your profile. – Nezgar

    • admin says:

      Found your handle I believe – Louie620. When I look at your profile, I do see the correct icons and artwork. A page refresh should take care of it!

  2. FREDDY COUGAR says:

    could you please check out my log for the event? I’m not getting the elevator souvenir, I logged my attended event for the 19th….and refreshing the page makes no difference…thanks

    • admin says:

      Yup, I look at the souvenirs page of your profile and it looks correct for me as well. Did you try refresh while holding the ctrl key? (ie Ctrl-F5). It could very likely be due to the nature of the change in the backend that it might take some time to reflect the update everywhere… – Nezgar

      • FREDDY COUGAR says:

        Yep, i tried that….perhaps I should delete my original log and repost? It’s not a big deal but the ‘real’ souvenir is pretty special looking 🙂 thanks

  3. FREDDY COUGAR says:

    i deleted my original and reposted my attended log but nope, no correct souvenir. Under the souvenir, it reads that I got it on July 22…does that mean anything?
    No clue what the problem is but in the meantime, it’s time for freddy c to go to bed …thanks

    • admin says:

      I don’t know the specifics of the change that Geocaching HQ had to do to to update the graphics, but based on my knowledge of web design, it is most likely your own browser caching the old image. I bet if you log into your profile from a different browser/computer/device it will appear fine. It should be resolved by clearing the cache in your browser, otherwise your browser may never download the new images for up to a year as that is what the groundspeak web servers set their image expire times to. If this is what it is, you will see the same graphic no matter who’s profile you look at. The date you acquire the souvenir should make no difference. Try clearing your browser cache, and report back! Also check the full size image when you click the souvenir – Nezgar

  4. freebill says:

    I checked to make sure that my log date for the Mega Event was July 19 and I refreshed my souvenir page as advised but still no new souvenir. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Clear your browser cache, or view it with another browser that you haven’t loaded that page on before. The images had a 1-year expire header set, so if your browser loaded the old image it will be a long time before it trys to update it again otherwise. – Nezgar

      • freebill says:

        On this computer I have never used Internet Explorer since I installed Windows 7, only used Firefox or Chrome. Fired up Internet Explorer for the first time ever and still got the old souvenir and not the new one. Any suggestions?

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