The Official Souvenir is Live

Living Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir LogoLiving Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) Souvenir IconIn a prior announcement, we noted that the online souvenir people were receiving on their profile pages was not what we had expected. We are happy to let you know we have received word back from Geocaching HQ that the images have been corrected!

One thing to note is that it appears you have to make sure your ‘Attended’ log for the main MEGA event is dated for July 19th, otherwise the souvenir will not show up on your profile!  There are a number of people who have posted attended logs dated on days following the mega, so be sure to edit your log to reflect July 19, 2014 to ensure you receive the souvenir. We’ve reviewed profiles of those who have ‘attended’ on other dates, and it is not present.

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