Pre-registration Now Closed – Over 500 pre-registered!

One of hundreds of new caches hidden for Living Skies 2014

One of hundreds of new geocaches
Photo Credit: Dragonfly E&N

It was a busy weekend for the Event Planning & Organizing commitee! As the pre-registration cutoff loomed, we had a number of new registrations, and were happy to see the number of pre-registered attendees cross the 500 person mark! This is monumental because 500 is the official number of people required to designate an event “MEGA” status. We expect a number of people to attend on event day without pre-registering, as well as a lot of people from the local and nearby communities to come see what we’re up to which will take the official count much higher. Just make sure on Saturday, July 19th you sign the official log book with the number in your party to help us keep an accurate official tally!

This weekend was also busy for the cache hiding team. Amongst at least 6 of them, over 180 new geocaches, including all of the legacy caches in honour of our “Bear” level registrants, were placed this weekend alone! This is a monumental effort, and this is on top of the 173 already published, and another 70 placed previously, but not yet published. On top of that, many of our satellite event hosts are also planning new cache hides to coincide with their events and locations.

Needless to say, there will be no shortage of new caches in the area!

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