Kind Words Of Thanks

We received these kind words back in August from Rosthern & onecrazycanadian after the event concluded. Better late than never, but nice to read no matter how late!

From the Town of Rosthern:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thank you once again on behalf of myself and the Town of Rosthern for choosing Rosthern to hold such a great event. The community was not sure what to expect, however I hope we were able to meet the needs of the Living Skies Event.

I have to say your group was by far the friendliest, best behaved, and well organized group to ever use our town facilities. The Town janitorial staff could not believe the lack of a mess to clean up when the event came to a close.

Rosthern did not know what to expect from a Geocaching event, but after this experience we are sure to be on the look out for more geocaching opportunities in the future!

Thank you again for everything!


Rosthern LogoAndrew Crowe
Recreation and Community Manager
Town of Rosthern


From onecrazycanadian:

It was great to be able to get out and meet lots of people whose names I have seen while reviewing but never met. Events like this are a great way for the cachers in my reviewing area to be able to meet me and ask questions face to face.

You guys did an awesome job of organizing and running the whole thing. I’ve been to other megas before and few of them were as organized as this one. Events such as this are a great thing for bringing the caching community together and showing just what a great sport this is, and people like those of you on the organizing committee deserve a huge amount of credit for the job you do in getting facilities, schedules, volunteers, marketing and all the other details together. It was a pleasure to be able to attend and give the seminar.

I really appreciated the gifts you guys gave me, they were totally unexpected. I do this job because I love the sport and it’s my way of keeping it going so everyone else can enjoy it too.

I’m definitely hoping to be able to make the one next year.

onecrazycanadian Avataronecrazycanadian
Volunteer Reviewer

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