Human Powered Watercraft Event Info & Bookmark List

Printable map & directions to event @ Shannon Lake

Printable map & directions to event @ Shannon Lake

Pilot172, the host of the Human Powered Watercraft Satellite Event has created a bookmark list for the caches for their event, and also announced some pertinent event information.

According to Pilot172 seven water based caches were published by July 11, 2014, with another 7 to be published on event day at noon so each participant will receive a print out that they can add to their GPS by hand. girlsndad have prepared an additional 10 caches which should be published July 15th, and will also be added to the bookmark list.

Jul 15 Update: “The bookmarked list was just updated to include the 10 creative hides of girlsndad! The list now includes 17 caches available by watercraft and 2 extras. The print out of the last 7 hides will be shared with the 17 watercrafts participating on Thursday. Be ready for speedy hand downloading. They will only be published at noon so will not be added to the bookmarked list until after the event.”

Please leave an hour and 15 minutes for the 60 km drive from Rosthern. See the above map which you can print. We will be at the Shannon Lake launch site by 9:30 am. with a mass start after a safety review at 10 am. Thanks to our cooks we will gather for a lunch and draws c 1pm. You must be present to win. If you are not attending lunch, please let us know.

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