Featured Geocache – Rosthern Library

branches_rosthern[1]Back in March, members of the organizing Committee visited Rosthern for the Winter Festival with a table to talk about the upcoming MEGA event. The Rosthern Library held a small ‘Intro to Geocaching’ talk, and while there we talked with the staff about the potential of hiding a geocache at the library, and this piqued their interest.

Well, a month or so later after getting the container ready and working out the details for the online listing, their geocache was submitted and soon published. Due to the nature of the hide, a ‘mystery’ cache type was chosen, but the coordinates are accurate. You’ll just have to put down the GPS when you arrive at ground zero, and use the information provided on the cache page to help you locate it.

This is definitely a ‘must do’ cache during your visit to Rosthern, and has maintained a 100% favourite point rating as of July 15th!

  • Visit Geocache Listing: RL (GC51NVX)

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