The Prairie Storms Adventure Trail has been Published

The Prairie Storms Adventure Trail BannerStart your engines! The first 54 caches of the Prairie Storms Adventure Trail has been published! Our volunteer hiders still have a few more to be hidden when time allows.

The “Prairie Storms Adventure Trail” was developed by Living Skies 2014 MEGA Event volunteers. Enjoy the hidden secrets of a huge swath of Southern Saskatchewan by getting off the beaten trail to sites seldom visited, scenic views, historic sites and buildings. The name also pays tribute to the Alberta’s “Prairie Winds Adventure Trail” which was created for the Best of the Bad (WestCan 1) MEGA event in 2011.

This series will also take you along the Red Coat Trail, which is a 1,300 km route through southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta taken in 1874 by the North-West Mounted Police in their quest to bring law and order to the Canadian West. In Saskatchewan, Highway 13 is designated as Red Coat Trail.

To receive a Special Edition Living Skies Geocoin, you must have logged, as “found” at least 45 of the “Prairie Storms Adventure Trail” caches. There will be approximately 30 geocoins available.

You’ll have your work cut out for you to earn one of those “Special Edition” Living Skies 2014 geocoins though, as according to an optimal route calculation using Microsoft streets and trips, your driving time alone will be a minimum 16 hours (without stopping!), and you will travel at least 1100 kilometres to get them all!

How will you plan your route? Sound off in the comments below!

Prairie Storms Adventure Trail Map showing the original 54 geocaches. Click for interactive version.

Prairie Storms Adventure Trail Map showing the original 54 geocache locations.


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5 Responses to The Prairie Storms Adventure Trail has been Published

  1. 4CeasonS (Leona) says:

    HI, this looks AWESOME! It appears as though the bookmark list is private though – I don’t have permission to view it. 🙂 I’m so looking forward to this trip! So far there are over 11,000 caches in PQs for the road trip! Too bad I only have 2 weeks to do it!

  2. kath says:

    It’s too bad there are only 30 geocoins I don’t imagine anyone not from the area will have a chance at one by the time we get there

    • admin says:

      I would be surprised if many were claimed by then, actually. Have you looked at how big an area that is on the map? 😉

    • admin says:

      According to our friends who maintain the Prairie Winds Adventure Trail across southern Alberta, for those that complete their requirements, only 45 have been awarded so far, and it’s been three years. Taking that into consideration I think your odds are pretty good.

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