Prairie Storms Adventure Trail Complete!

Map showing all 67 Prairie Storms Caches

Map showing all 67 Prairie Storms Caches

Early on Wednesday morning the final 13 caches of the Prairie Storms Adventure Trail were published, bringing the total number of caches from 54 to 67!

As of today, only four cachers have found at least 45 caches, but remember that is one amazing feat. Distributed almost 300km east to west, and 100km north to south, you will cross a computed minimum of 1308 kilometres (19 hours and 9 minutes without stopping!) of rural terrain from cache to cache and see the vast and varied beauty that southern Saskatchewan has to offer. This isn’t your stereotypical power trail! Be sure to keep an eye on the gas tank, as services are also few and far between, especially on Sundays as one cacher has noted!

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Have you found any caches in the trail? What were your most memorable experience? Sound off in the comments below!

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