Featured Geocache – Meskanaw Trestle Bridge

Meskanaw Trestle Bridge Photo from log by Chicad

Meskanaw Trestle Bridge
Photo from log by Chicad

This geocache is located at the old railway trestle bridge between Yellow Creek and Meskanaw on highway 41.

This bridge is 1417 feet long and 50 feet high.  The steel tracks are gone now, so just the wooden structure remains.  The piles are 90 feet down into the boggy soil.

Built 1929 by Canadian National Railways over McCloy Creek, this is Saskatchewan’s longest trestle.  It was a welcome addition to the local landscape, as the closest grain elevator was 16 miles away.  Farmers in the area were isolated from any trade.

Two freight and two passenger runs were made each day, allowing the movement of grain and goods and allowing day trips to Saskatoon.  This greatly changed the lives of the local farmers.

The last train crossed the bridge in 1979, and the trestle has stood unused ever since.

This is an interesting site to check out!

Map from Rosthern to the Meskanaw Trestle Bridge

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