Local Highlight – Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

Lake from the Centre Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Lake from the Centre
Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

11 kilometres East of Hafford, in the Redberry Lake regional park, is a research and education centre for the Redberry Biosphere Reserve.  This biosphere is Saskatchewan’s only, and 1 of only 16 in Canada.

A Biosphere Reserve is an area of ecological significance that has been set aside to help understand and maintain nature’s systems alongside community development and farming.

The Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve features a saline lake, a bird sanctuary home to 9 endangered and threatened species, and 112,000 hectares of prairie with marshes and even patches of natural mixed prairie.

There are hiking trails and as of last year, even canoe rentals available for your enjoyment. To learn more, please visit the Redberry Lake website.

There is a geocache on the reserve too:
GC3N6A7 – Fresh water Marsh by Zozula

Map showing route between Redberry Lake, and Rosthern:

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