Featured Earthcache – Little Manitou Lake

Danceland Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan / Gary Bergen

Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan / Gary Bergen

Visit the ‘dead sea of Canada’ at Manitou Beach, an unusual lake that is the site of Saskatchewan’s first Earthcache!

You’ve heard of the Dead Sea, where tourists float effortlessly in water eight times saltier than the ocean. Few outside of Saskatchewan know of North America’s equivalent, Little Manitou Lake.

In this evaporating lake, with water three times saltier than the ocean, you’ll be buoyant enough to read a newspaper during a dip. Bonus points for the scenery, hot springs, and free therapeutic mud, yet to be marketed as overpriced cosmetic gold.

Notable attractions include the Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa and Danceland, featuring a horse hair dance floor.  This is a perfect place for a relaxing getaway!

Map of Rosthern, SK and Watrous, SK:

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