Cache Preparation is Underway

Our hiders have been busy acquiring, painting, camo’ing and otherwise preparing a horde of caches to place in the coming months. Here is little sneak peak at just some of the geocaches we have so far for the Mega. You are looking at over 300 containers, not counting the 165 film containers in the water jug. 🙂 Among these are caches donated by deadman’sangel, schnor, grdelainey, Dragonfly E&N, OneEyedWillys, and our sponsors GeoWyrm’s Geocaching Supplies. A few of the larger containers have smaller containers inside that still need to be cammo’ed. Now for the snow to finish melting so we can get out and hide them!

April Cache Teaser 02IMG_1695a   IMG_1697a IMG_1699a IMG_1696a IMG_1700a

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