Living Skies 2014 MEGA – Official Attendance: 633 people!

Living Skies 2014 MEGA Group Photo

Living Skies 2014 MEGA Group Photo

Initially counted as 633 people on event day, we are happy to announce that according to the official log books, 627 people attended the Living Skies 2014 Mega Event on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. This well exceeded the minimum 500 required for MEGA status, and it is totally amazing that so many geocachers were able to come together from all over Canada to make this all possible. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback, we really appreciate it.

The official caches by Living Skies 2014 are now all published as of Saturday night, totalling 476 in the Rosthern area, plus the 67 for the Prairie Storms Adventure Trail, totalling 543! An absolutely monumental achievement, which we’re sure kept finders on their toes throughout the week and weekend.

There will still be upcoming posts to come as there are sure to be some additional coverage of the event, memorable photos, and seminar recordings.  Some of the current bits of information since the closing of the event:

  • The lab caches are still live to search until Tuesday, and then you have another 10 days to log them online.
  • You may have noticed a new souvenir after you logged your ‘attended log’ for Saturday. The current souvenir is not branded as we expected, and will work get this resolved in the next few days. Jul 24 Update: The souvenir has now been corrected!
  • If you noted any caches with inaccurate coordinates, please post them on the applicable caches so we can update listings where necessary. (i.e. “X meters off of posted coordinates” does not help) With the number of hides placed in conjunction with this event, every contribution helps us keep them maintained!
  • The event was featured on CBC News on Sunday, with an article titled “Geocache event brings treasure hunters to Rosthern, Sask.

Update: Jul 25th: Below are the complete set of group shots, with both hands down, and waving. Click for high-resolution versions. Go ahead and pick the one where you can see yourself the most clearly!

Group Shot 1 Group Shot 2 Group Shot 3 Group Shot 4 Group Shot 5 Group Shot 6 Group Shot 7 Group Shot 8 Group Shot 9 Group Shot 10

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